The Voidbourne Syndicate is a group of individuals working with a common goal.  They live, strive, and fight alongside each-other.  Their territory is The Void; a large ravine that goes on for miles.  The group is founded by Havok Falke, the current leader.  The proxy is Kurrow Tsukitsu.


The syndicate has a leader.  However, the leader has no real advantages other than to announce important information.  The second-in-command is called the proxy.  He/she is chosen by the leader.  The proxy has the job to lead in the leader's place, and to become leader after the retirement or death of a current one.

Since it is a syndicate, an individual can have lots of authority.  Decisions are made and discussed with all members present.  Almost always, the majority will happen. Although all members are equal, the leader, proxy, and elite/aged members are usually more respected, and their opinions tend to have greater influence. Instead of ranks, members are divided into classes. 


  • Leader - Havok Falke
  • Proxy - Kurrow Tsukitsu
  • Elect Warriors - Dyami
  • Elect Rangers - None
  • Elect Scouts - None
  • Elect Mages - None
  • Warriors - None
  • Rangers - None
  • Scouts - None
  • Mages - None


After being approved by the majority of members, a new recruit must be initiated.  The ritual to join is known as the Astral Suicide.

The ritual starts when the initiate chooses a star from the dawning sky.  It can be a random star, or a favourite in a constellation.  The recruit is to stand upon a stone and to stare at the star, without looking anywhere else.  The other member(s) will then place a noose around the initiative's neck, but they mustn't react.  The coarse rope around the throat represents the death of lies to one's allies. Their hands will be covered in venom, dyed the recruit's favoured colour, representing the death of false promises and thievery.  They must not twitch.

Finally, they will choose a place upon their skin.  With their hand, they will draw a circle with the venom on a bare spot of skin of their choice.  In it, a symbol of their choice will be cut into their flesh.  The scar will remind them of their cleansing, loyalty to the syndicate, and it will empower them for a lifetime.  

When dawn finally comes, they must watch the star fade away. Once the sun is risen, they will become a full member of the Syndicate.

Rules and Philosophy

  •  A member shall stay loyal to the Syndicate.
  • Everything is precious; waste nothing.
  • Death is relief- a rest.  Only kill when necessary.
  • Keep your weapons sharp, but your mind sharper.
  • Nothing is permanent.
  • The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.


The Syndicate has one enemy thus far.  The Guild of Legends, lead by Nova Avalon.


  • Upon Nova Avalon's head, there is a 1000 gold bounty.
  • For Raizel, there is a 50 gold bounty.