Misty ravine by ollisiponkoski-d5mtq4d

The Void

     The Void is the misty ravine the camp lies in.  The rocky, serpentine tunnels go on for miles.  At night, when one stands above the abyss, it looks like a jet black void.  

 Usually, fog hangs in the air of the abyss.  It is cold and damp at the bottom.  Buildings are made in orifices and peaks in the landscape. 

   Because of the rocky terrain, natural plant life and forest animals are uncommon.  Food is scarce.  The diet of many members consists of bats, insects, and weeds.  Food that can survive the harsh climate, like kale, is grown and harvested regularly by members.

   The caves are cold, dark, damp, and difficult to navigate.  The ravine is not for people who cannot climb, teleport, or fly.