The Kitsune of the Moon. Child of the Moon and Demon.

The False God Ninetails by Shivita

Kurrow's fox form and Nine-strike sword

In his fox form: He is about the size of about a medium sized house when you include his tails. He wears a traditional fox mask over his head and has a cloth ribbom around each tail along with some beads, red markings along his sides, head and tails are signs of divinty.


Kurrow Tsukitsu

In his human form: He is 6'1/2 foot tall and usually wearing a simple t-shirt and pants. He never hides his fox ears or tails in this form, he is proud to be a Kitsune. Sometimes he will wear a kitsune mask. His eyes are usually an axure color unless the Youkao side takes over and his irises becomes moving shades of red and orange.


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Abilities and WeaponryEdit

Kitsune abilities:

-Fox fire; Fire that burns as hot as lava. Can be shaped into floating spheres or sent out as waves.

-Time and space: Kitsunes have the ability once they reach nine tails to tear through demensions and create new ones or to make portals along with making time flow faster or slower and maybe even stop.

-Parasitic feeding: Kitsune feed off everything including the energy of people, he could drain a person of all magical energy just by being there.

-Illusions: Kitsune are able to create false worlds in the eyes of animals and people. Making their minds and bodies think whats happening is happening. They are almost impossible to escape once you are in. Who knows if we are in one now.

-Shapeshifting: The ability to change shapes into any creature imaginable. Feirce flying dragons or a simple plant.

Celestial Brush- A godly power only able to be used by divine beings unless a mortal is gifted the power. The user has 13 brush powers: Explosion, Wind, Magnetism, Bloom, Waterspout, Lightning strike, Blizzard, Cat walk, Power slash, Crescent, Vine, Rejuvenation,Veil of the mist.


Tsumaguari- A blue sword with a golden Moon ring around it. This sword is the Moon God Tsukuyomi himself.

Nine-strike- A demonic sword used by Demon Lord Ninetails, its nine rpongs tear through opponents.

Moon sword

Tsumugari sword.