Havok Falke
"Embrace the storm, let it empower you. Do not seek shelter from the rain and thunder."
Vital statistics
Position Leader
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5 feet, two inches.
Weight Unknown

Havok Falke, often just called Havok, is the founder and current leader of the Voidbourne Syndicate. She is known as The Trenchant Ranger.


Havok dons a white cowl and thick, leather boots.  Along with this, she wears guantlets made from wolf skin.  She has dark green eyes and thick, red hair.  Usually, her hair is tied back into a coarse braid.  On her back, she has a quiver filled with long, silver arrows.  These arrows themselves can be used as effective weapons.  Also slung unto her back, she has her silver bow, Kazekirā.  She has broad, dark red wings that prove useful for navigating the trenches and caves.  


To be added.


Flight - Her long wings allow flight, which has proven a useful skill.  They also can act as shields, or, in some cases, extra limbs.

Shapeshifting - Being a tengu, she has the ability to transform into a bird form.  As a bird, she is a red kite.  She is also able to transform individual parts of her body, such as her fingers into talons.

Martial Arts - Havok is skilled in martial arts- Specifically, both aikido and ninjutsu.  Because of her training in martial arts and archery, she is a near-stranger to magic.


Kazekirā - A sturdy silver bow.   Roughly, rōmaji for "Breaker of wind".