Vital statistics
Position Elect Warrior
Age 14 years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5 feet, 1 inch
Weight Unknown

Dyami is a young boy of age 14 and a half who accidentally killed his father during an attack on his village. The latter was killed when the leader of the pack had used the power of mind-controlling to use the father as a human shield. The result of this was the curse of becoming a Skinwalker himself, where he has gained the ability to transform parts of his body, or his full self, into a timber wolf.


Dyami wears a traditional outfit from his village, which is made from deer skin. Above this, he wears a grey coat and hood, tinted brown, made from timber wolf pelt. He has fair skin and dark brown, almost black, hair which reaches down to the length of his chin. Apart from his wolf form, Dyami excels at the skill of archery.


Skinwalkers have a range of abilities before them to use in combat. Being young, Dyami has more limited access to these abilities than adults do.


Dyami's pack was not like most packs, and due to the rocky terrain they lived in they had an excellent skill at climbing tall rocks and valleys. Dyami has this same ability.


Dyami may transform himself into an adulted timber wolf, or only parts of his body. The wolf form has virtually no difference to an actual wolf, and the two cannot be told apart.

Hidden FootstepsEdit

Skinwalkers can choose whether or not their footsteps will be shown. This allows for stealthy access to areas to and fro.


When injured in animal form, a Skinwalker may regenerate inhumanely quickly. This process would be slower and more painful for younger ones.

Mind AbilitiesEdit

Dyami can read the minds of his opponents, though he has not fully developed his mind control and whatever he hears from other's thoughts can only be heard for 2-5 seconds. On top of this, he can only mind control another being for a limited time. 2-4 for an animal, and 1-3 for a human.


Skinwalkers can make any human/animal/beast noise they choose to. Younger Skinwalkers are not limited in this ability. This can be used to distract any opponents or lure them.


Skinwalkers cannot die in animal form. This is not to say they cannot feel pain or become injured. They may be coaxed out of animal form if given an ultimately fatal blow, then killed, if they do not escape before that time.




Dyami will sometimes, though not oftenly, have a random anger burst. In tense situations he would become stressed and run to the nearest place he can find solitude.


In his past, Dyami has had encounters with demon-like creatures, mostly Wendigos and the Raven Mocker. At one point, he was attacked and possessed by a Wendigo, which was later destroyed by the Raven Mocker who had attempted to take control of Dyami himself, partially succeeding.